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6000 SCFM Deliquescent Dryers by Van Air Systems - D-96

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Model Number: D-96
Manufacturer: Van Air Systems

Van Air Systems Deliquescent Air Dryers

Models D42 through D156 (1250 - 16,000 scfm) - CALL FOR PRICING and SHIPPING INFORMATION

  • Manual drain valve (1" NPT on models D42 through D54, 2" NPT on D60 and larger)
  • Two sight windows to check desiccant level
  • Elliptical direct entry hatch cover
  • Inspection coupling
  • Pressure relief connection
  • Vessels build and stamped to ASME code
  • Epoxy and polyurethane interior coating
  • ABS plastic bed support grid
  • Primer and enamel exterior finish
  • 10 year vessel warranty
No Electricity Required
Wide Range of Applications
Lowest Initial Cost
For Compressed Air, Low Pressure Air and Other Gases

Van Air Freedom Dryers are single tower deliquescent compressed air dryers for stationary applications. Freedom Dryers remove harmful water vapor from compressed air lines.

Wet compressed air enters the bottom of the dryer and flows upward through a bed of deliquescent desiccant, which absorbs moisture as it slowly dissolves. Condensate drops to the bottom of the vessel to be drained. Dry air exits the top of the vessel.

When used with Dry-O-Lite desiccant, the Freedom Dryer automatically provides a dew point that is approximately 20F lower than temperature of the air at the vessel inlet. For example, if the air inlet temperature is 80F, the Freedom Dryer delivers a 60F dew point. If the air inlet temperature is 50F, the dryer delivers a 32F dew point.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, Freedom Dryers protect against freeze-ups in the winter and liquid in the summer. Freedom Dryers may be installed inside or outside, and with a pressure drop less than 1% of the operating pressure, they are ideal for low pressure applications. Also with no moving parts or electrical components, Freedom Dryers can be applied with confidence in dirty and hazardous locations.

Defend Your System ... Protect Your Profits
Declare your freedom from moisture-related problems, high energy costs and environmental concerns with the Van Air freedom air dryer.

Simple, energy-free and environmentally safe operation, in addition to wide application versatility, make the Freedom dryer a winning choice for maximizing air system efficiency and profits.

Efficient Energy free Operation
No electricity is needed for dryer operation - the power is in the desiccant. In addition to this energy savings, operating costs are always at a minimum because desiccant usage is automatically regulated by air flow through the dryer. When air flow decreases, desiccant use is reduced.

A pressure drop of less than 1 % of operating pressure saves you even more money and energy because there's no need to boost pressure to compensate for pressure loss.

Van Air Freedom dryers also have the lowest initial and operating costs of all dryer types, providing a fast return on your investment and long-term value for your money.

Environmentally Friendly
With the Freedom dryer, you're free from the concerns and regulations of refrigerant usage. Rather than relying on a cooling process, the Freedom dryer uses an absorbent desiccant for moisture removal.

Specially formulated for the longest life. Dry-O-Lite" desiccant is non-toxic, non-polluting and adds no harmful acidity to the drain solution, unlike some competitive formulations. It poses no hazard to groundwater, living organisms or sewage treatment systems and passes a bioassay test.

Application Versatility
Install it indoors or out, even in dusty or dirty conditions. The Van Air Freedom dryer provides a self-adjusting dew point for year-round dependability, providing protection against liquid in the summer and freeze-ups in the winter.

  • portable blasting & coating
  • cement plants
  • sawmills
  • plant air
  • point-of-use applications
  • dust collectors
  • standard compressed air and high pressure applications
  • low pressure applications
  • natural gas
  • biogas
  • digester gas

Buy Freedom, Get More
When you buy Van Air, you not only get freedom from water problems, energy costs and environmental concerns, but you also gel the peace of mind from knowing you're receiving a quality-built product backed by the commitment and expertise provided only by Van Air...

  • the originators of single tower drying
  • 10-year vessel warranty
  • primer and enamel exterior finish
  • exclusive anti-corrosion interior coating
  • expert technical assistance and vast application knowledge
Is the Freedom Dryer Right for My Needs?
Looking at three main issues can help you decide whether the Freedom dryer is your best choice for your air treatment needs.

Dew Point Needed:
A regenerative dryer provides a continuous -40"F dew point. The questions are, do you need it and can you justify the cost? If you're drying air for a pharmaceutical application, the answers are most likely yes. If you need moisture and freeze-up protection for pneumatic tools, cylinders or dust collection, the Freedom dryer is the best choice.

Where the Dryer will be Located:
When the dryer must be installed outdoors, the rugged Freedom dryer is often your best solution. It's built to take on the elements while providing reliable moisture protection, yet it's versatile enough to be installed indoors, too. Also rely on the Freedom dryer to be your ideal pick in dusty and dirty environments, indoors or out.

With the lowest initial and operating costs of all dryer types, the Freedom dryer simply can't be beat. Dryer operation uses no electricity and desiccant usage automatically adjusts based on air flow through the dryer. When the Freedom dryer meets your dew point requirements, there's no need to let a more expensive dryer eat into your profits.
Freedom Dryer Accessories & Options

Protect your dryer investment and downstream equipment with the proper filtration for maximum desiccant bed life and elimination of downstream dust.

Complete Packaged Systems
For a convenient, ready-to-install system, choose a DryPak TM skid packaged drying system including recommended filtration, a trim cooler and a heavy-duty ball valve drain. For a complete system with individual component installation flexibility, look to the VAN Systems

Desiccant & Elements
When it's time to change your desiccant or filter elements, beware of imitations. Choose only high quality Van Air replacement elements and long-lasting Van Air desiccant for the best value and peak system performance.

Separators & Drains
Manage air system condensate with Van Air drains and oil/water separators for automatic and dependable liquid removal.

Special Models
When a standard model doesn't fit your needs, let us build a special dryer or a custom package constructed to your specific requirements.

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